Mieko Shimizu is a composer, singer, songwriter and producer based in London, working with both contemporary electronic and neo/contemporary classical music. As well as her solo project Mico and Apach 61(experimental Drum’n Bass project), she works regularly on the ballet, theatre projects including The Red Balloon at The Royal Opera House, Lost Monsters at the Everyman Theatre. While she was an emerging artist in residence at Southbank, she appeared in various concerts at Southbank’s notorious venues, the Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall and collaborated with many other artists including London Philharmonic Orchestra.She performed with Nitin Sawhney and the London Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican for Japanese silent film “Yogoto No Yume” and also featured in his score for Akram Khan's new work Vertical Road at Sadlers Wells. Her latest album “My Tentacles” was released in January 2012. In September 2012 She was commissioned to score for Piccadilly Circus Circus, a part of London Paralympics.

< Timeline >

June 2007              Released “Phenomena of the mind” from iTunes.

June 2007-9          Mieko became an “Emerging artist in residence at Southbank”  and appeared in several concerts 

                                 at  Southbank.

October 2008        Mieko appeared in the Harbie Hancock Remix concert at The Royal Festival Hall when Harbie Hancock came 

                                  to perform at Southbank.

                                  Mieko performed as Mico at Worldtronics, Berlin’s Electronic Festival.

April 2008               Mieko produced a track “Babble Rapped” for UK’s acclaimed rapper and actor, MC Riz and supported 

                                  Massive Attack at Southbank’s Meltdown Festival.

September 2008   Mieko’s composition team ”Street Furniture” came the 2nd at The Place Prize, the biggest contemporary 

                                  dance  competition.

February 2009      Mieko appeared in the final concert of her residence ”Take Over” at The Royal Festival Hall and she 

                                 composed   /orchestrated/ performed with London Philharmonic Orchestra.

March 2009           Mieko collaborate with visual Artist, Rob Rainbow and showed an interactive sound and visual piece ‘Total  

                                  Station’ at The International Institute of Visual Arts in Shorditch.

April 2009              Mieko worked with choreographer Aletta Collins and Peter Morris and composed for the ballet adaptation of 

                                  Albert La Morisse’s film The Red Balloon performed at The Royal Opera House’s Linbury Theatre , also she 

                                 adopted her composition of The Red Balloon into a strings orchestra and it was performed by strings section of 

                                 The Royal Opera House at Paul Hamlyn hall.

June 2009              Mieko Scores music for a theatre play “Lost Monsters” which is performed at Liverpool Everyman.

November 2009   Mieko performs at Lilian Baylis Studio of Sadler’s Wells on MICroscope by Riz Ahmed.

March 2010           Mieko performed at one of Berlin’s longest electronic festivals “We are here” as Mico.

                                  Mieko performed with Nitin Sawhney and the LSO at the Barbican for a Japanese silent film “Yogoto no 


June 2010              Mieko sang at The Royal Opera House’s “Opera Shot” for Nitin Sawhey’s piece “Entanglement”.

August 2010         Mieko was featured in Nitin Sawhney’s score for Akram  Khan's new work Vertical Road at Sadlers Wells.  

November 2010   Mieko contributes and performs a piano duet piece  (with her daughter) “Enchanted Castle” for an Event 

                                  “ A Lot of Pianos” by David Cunningham.  Other artists /composers: Leo Chadburn, Rie Nakajima,

                                  Daniel Jackson, Cerith Wyn Evans,Genevieve Murphy, David Cunningham

January 2011        Mieko releases her new album “My tentacles”.

June –

September 2011   Mieko finished scores music for a stop-motion short film 1   “Being Bradford Dillman” which won many awards     

                                   at International Film Festivals.

July 2012                 She performed at BT River Festival – Olympic project with Arun Ghosh Arkestramakara

June –

September 2012   Mieko scores music for“Piccadilly Circus Circus”  a part of Paralympic projects of London Mayor’s office.

December 2012     Mieko writes music for USB commercial. 

January 2013          Mieko starts writing a new album