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‘Me My Ghost’

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Single “ me my ghost”


3rd single ‘Me my ghost’ was an attempt to explore ways of inhabiting the dark forest beyond my window and talk to the ghosts of the night, to understand their irrational fears, like the dread of the unknown other and so to come closer to accepting the skeletons in my own wardrobe. 

Out on the 13th September


Single “ Butterfly”


2nd single ‘Butterfly’ is now available from iTunes.

A dark dark tale of transient beauty broken on the black wheel of life. A single day of fragile existence with only one desire, to fly unfettered in the sunlight only for that exquisite creature to be extinguished at its most transcendent moment!


Single “ Lazy Light”


New single ‘ Lazy Light’ is now available for digital download. Lazy Light is a glittering collaboration between Mieko Shimizu AKA Mico, Apache 61 and former keyboard player with the Cardiacs and member of North Sea Radio Orchestra, William D Drake. This devastatingly sensitive duo locked themselves in room and didn’t surface until they had crafted this song of frightening beauty.  

The light of their souls truly radiates from this thing of loveliness.

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Live Performance at



Live performance @PROJECT SPACE BERMONDSEY on 15th June 2019 AT 1PM START

I’m really honoured to play at PROJECT SPACE BERMONDSEY for the finisage of ‘British Painting II’ of independent British artists.

This will be the closing party for this incredible celebration of contemporary independent British artists. I really hope you can make it down.


Resonance FM ‘World in London” session on the 27th February

Mieko Shimizu’s performance on Resonance FM “World in London” hosted by DJ Ritu. Keiko Kitamura on Koto.

Mieko Shimizu’s performance on Resonance FM “World in London” hosted by DJ Ritu. Keiko Kitamura on Koto.



In the bleak midwinter we shot a video in a brutal industrial building on the outskirts of London for the track ‘Lazy light ‘ from the new album ‘ I Bloom’.

It was directed by Barry Gene Murphy who also created videos for ‘ I See a Soul’ and ‘Think like a Swarm’. William D Drake features in the video and performed with company of brilliant dancers and incredibly hard working crew on what turned out to be the coldest day of the in what felt like the bitter cold of a deep freezer.

In the song there is the line “Like a Winters Breath” and you can really see that icy breath in the video.





‘Think like a swarm’ from the last album “My Tentacles” - Living Room Live!!!

2nd t single ‘ Butterfly’ directed by Paul Black

First single ‘ Lazy Light’

Directed by Barry Gene Murphy Assistant Director May Abdalla Director of Photography Kia Fern Little Lighting and Haze Ben Bailes Shooting Assistant Rui Pignatelli Dancers and Choreography Mariana Lorenzo Baiba Jakum Brunswick Brown Produced by BGM & Anagram for Street Furniture Records. Special Thanks Peter Morris, Dino Weber, Steven SantaCruz, Ruben Woodin Dechamps, Guy Lever, Jim Murphy, Daniel Adderly, Greg Stawski & Meaty.

Bridge Beyond  from the new album ‘ I bloom’

Performace@Cafe Oto, London on 25th November 2018 with Keiko Kitamura on Koto Film/edit by Paul Black

‘Me my ghost’ from ‘I bloom’.

@Cafe Oto on 25th November 2018 with Keiko Kitamura on Koto. Filmed and edited by Paul Black


Mieko Shimizu is a prolific London based Japanese singer, song writer, composer and producer, with several diverse and accomplished albums already under her belt.

 She erupted onto the scene with the searing alter ego Apache 61, fusing layers of cross woven breaks battling shards of sub bass within stateless melodies drawn from the fringes of the avant-garde. Her last album, 'My Tentacles' released as Mico saw her return to a deeper more reflective state in the cavernous depth of sumptuous symphonic songs that oscillated with glitchy electronica.

 Her new album, has taken 5 years to write and nearly didn’t happen when she was admitted to hospital for two life threatening operations and she nearly abandoned her plans to make it. It was only when a junky was moved into the bed next to her and started to  terrorise the ward only to be sent to sleep like a baby by an old Scottish lady singing traditional Irish airs each night that she realised the power of music and resolved to finish her album.

What resulted is I Bloom, a quite simply a gorgeous record of mini masterpieces, interleaving haunting melodies; with songs that are both beautiful in their sincerity and tantalising in their simplicity. Her unerring elegance and undying passion takes you on a journey from hidden places across emotional landscapes to distant nebulae.

She collaborates with William D Drake of The Cardiacs on this album and previously with Mick Karn of the band Japan, Nitin Sawhney and the London Symphony Orchestra on Japanese silent film 'Yogoto no Yume', David Cunningham from The Flying Lizards, Robert Lippok of To Rococo Rot and re-mixed the likes of Coldcut and Yellow Magic Orchestra, Haruomi Hosono of that cult electro-pop act signed her to his label 'Daisy World'. Word quickly spread of her incredible live shows bringing a steady stream of appearances as far a field as Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Japan as well Sonar, alongside the mighty Kraftwerk and supporting Massive Attack at their Melt Down with Riz MC, AKA actor Riz Ahmed

 She has also worked extensively with dance including scores for contemporary dance company Phoenix Dance Theatre, the Ballet ‘The Red Balloon’ at the Royal Opera House’s Linbury Theatre and  was also made an 'Emerging Artist in Residence’ at London's Southbank Centre where she collaborated with the London Philharmonic Orchestra on her own compositions. In her new live shows she will be combining both the ancient and modern with Kieko Kitamura on Koto, a type of Japanese harp, through FX pedals and herself on Moog synthesiser, keyboards and vocals creating a luscious, ethereal live show.

Prepare to experience an astonishing work.

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